1 Year Clean and Sober for Jeff!

1 Year Clean and Sober for JeffWe are so proud of this guy!!! When asked to share his “Then and Now”, here’s what he wrote to us:

“I came from a very close loving caring family ..that was the awesome part. However all the love in the world didn’t seem to stop evil from entering my life. At 21, I used crystal meth for the first time and between myself and an evil force that caught me completely off guard, my life slowly but surely began to fall apart. By January of 2015 the drug and alcohol lifestyle had literally destroyed me, hurt so many people that loved and cared about me and damaged just about all of my relationships.

HOWEVER…on February 24th 2015, I stopped using drugs and alcohol..and by the goodness and strength of Gods friendship, the kindness of Big Change Recovery homes and the explainable interest I have taken in something amazing called¬†‚Ä™Battlefield Addiction, I have found a new angel of strength that is with me wherever I am today. my life is getting better everyday and I once again have hope and I can see a real, healthy, clean, happy and clear minded focused future that is to come for me, and anyone who decides to stay clean and off drugs. I would also like to say to the people who haven’t quit yet…..please, please never give up and please keep trying because I am very honest when I say I am so glad that I gave sobriety and recovery a chance because I have never felt safer, stronger and as healthy and happy as I feel today…thanks.”
-Jeffrey Michael Lalonde