About Us

Our Mission:

Reconnecting the Family, the Addict and the Community. Empowering families through our straight forward approach, providing expert guidance and a lifetime network of support services.



Our Team: We are an army of soldiers…recovering family members and recovering addicts.

We believe those who’ve been through the “war” have a purpose, and that is to put their experience,  strength and hope into action and fight for, and stand with, those still in the battle.  We have an army of not only volunteers, but also employed soldiers who can give fully of their time without restrictions.

Addiction doesn’t take time off

Addiction is 24/7 and so should be the help available when those suffering reach out for it. Battlefield Addiction is here to fill the gaps that currently exist and guide a family to and through recovery. We don’t leave families at any point in the process. Your donations have not only helped us give scholarships to families and those in recovery, but also help us continue doing what we do on a daily basis and that is assisting families and helping addicts get into recovery. 


Art Dahlen and Angie Keaty

Our Founders

You can think of Art as the “bank robber who now teaches the banks how not to get robbed“. He has 17 years of experience in the battle of active addiction. Now recovered, the owner of a treatment center and the owner of several sober living homes. But more importantly for Battlefield Addiction, is his natural gift of coaching families through the action steps needed to save their loved ones. He is a no-nonsense kind of guy. If you are looking for fluff or sugar coating, he is not your man. If you are looking to “choke out the addiction”, he will tell you exactly what it will take to do so. He has the unique ability to put himself in the shoes of the addict (without meeting them) and in the shoes of the family members, with a compassion that allows for real understanding, and a laser focus that can identify what action steps to take, and in what order.

Angie has 9 years of experience in this battle, as her beloved son is battling heroin/meth addiction.  Several treatment centers and counselors, through the years, never gave her the kind of hope or results that she found when she met Art. For the first time, she had someone coaching her through the process and keeping her solution-focused rather than in problem and desperation mode.   It doesn’t mean the battle is over for her family. But the way they handle it has changed everything. She took a leap of faith and quit her job to devote all of her time to building this organization from ground zero and work with families.  “I was guided out of the woods. It’s was dark in there. Now it is my purpose to guide other families out.”  Angie has a lot of energy and works tirelessly to connect families to the education and resources needed to take their power back.  Whether it’s a nervous parent calling for the first time, or families attending solution groups without knowing what to expect, you will find you are quickly put at ease with her warm spirit.

Art and Angie have a Yin & Yang kind of partnership. They are a powerful duo with a passion for helping the families of addicts. They joined forces to create an organization that would make a lasting change and a powerful impact in the lives of those touched by addiction. Reconnecting The Family, The Addict, The Community….it’s what they do!


Powerful soldier Mommas right there!