Game night with Big Change Recovery


Battlefield Addiction sponsored a night out at Dorky’s Arcade for the residents of Big Change Recovery Homes. What a fun night!

“The part that struck me most during Game Night, other than all the smiles, was the present time awareness. There was no worrying about the past or the future. Just enjoying the moment right here, right now. Priceless.”

-Angie Keaty, Co-Founder


“Last night was fulfilling and a reminder, to a broken soul like me, that it is possible to smile, feel happiness and have fun again without needing to get loaded before hand. What a laughter filled night, my voice is gone and my stomach hurts! Laughing more at everyone else having so much fun, it made my heart happy seeing everyone laughing so hard at each other. It makes me feel hope again.” – Shannon Gasser, in recovery


“I had an awesome time last night. It was one of the best memories I have made being clean and sober yet! I think if Battlefield sponsored more events like this it would be awesome for our group and our house as a whole! It brought everyone together.” -Korey Zuehlsdorff, in recovery
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Thank you to all of our families who help make nights like this possible for those in recovery through your time, donations and monthly partnership.

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