Heroin Kidnapped Our Daughter, We Had To Rescue Her



Our girl Aubrey started experimenting with drugs at the age of 14.

Snorting Adderall was her introduction to drugs.   We, of course, had no clue until her heart stopped and she collapsed, shattering her jaw in 6 places. Fortunately, we were at the hospital when this happened. We immediately put her into an intensive outpatient program, which she completed and stayed sober for a year.

While my husband and I were on a vacation, Aubrey and her boyfriend experimented with LSD, and she ended up in a psych ward. Back to treatment she went.

This happened several times throughout the rest of high school, until she graduated and moved in with her boyfriend who was also an addict.  This is where her daily journey with opiates began…

No matter what attempts we made…even her brother and I taking her kicking and screaming out of the place she was living, she continued to leave and go back to using as her addiction escalated.

Then she went to California where she began using Meth because she no longer had access to the Percocets she had become so fond of.  Once again we attempted to cut off her resources and then began the begging, pleading and bargaining with her to come home and complete an inpatient treatment program. She remained sober for 3 months before relapsing and returning to her addict boyfriend.

We were able to have her arrested for possession of narcotics and after being released she was went to Klean West Hollywood treatment center where she completed 90 days, and moved on to sober housing. She made it to 6 months before relapsing.

Here we go again.

She came home where we detoxed her, then she once again left with her boyfriend and went missing for 2 weeks. We learned she was at her heroin dealers house during that time.10261882_1553247708338008_513640567_n

This clearly isn’t working

We felt hopeless. My husband and I had different opinions on how to handle it all. I would try to bargain and gain her trust. He knew that wasn’t working and he couldn’t see the way out.

Then we were introduced to Battlefield Addiction. This was a game changer.

We scheduled a private consultation with Art and Angie and they helped strategize the plan to save our girl. Art asked us what we would do if Aubrey had been kidnapped, our response was “Break down doors and rescue her”. He began to explain how heroin has kidnapped our baby girl and it’s time to go get her.

For the first time ever, we were on the same page.

We had a plan in place and began to take action by cutting off her resources and insisting she go to treatment. This was the difference between now and every other time.  We were working together. We weren’t hurt by her actions anymore.  We understood that it wasn’t her, it was the heroin.

Within a week we were able to get her dealer/boyfriend arrested and our girl out of that house.  At 21 years old she weighed 67 pounds.

While Battlefield went to work finding a bed in a treatment center that could take her immediately, I found my daughter in the bathroom, unconscious. Her heart rate was 40 beats per minute. The average is about 80.  The paramedics took her to the hospital.

While at the hospital she hit me, yelled at me. Screamed at the staff that I was a liar and I was crazy until they finally sedated her.

12833257_1553247701671342_1721126265_nWe were not going to feel guilty about this anymore.

We remained strong.  No more crying and dwelling on the problem. We were a united front. Mom finally got a backbone and developed clear boundaries. I was no longer going to fix every problem for her. Recovery is the only option and there will be no more negotiating.


12721981_1553247698338009_610138284_nRecently at 65 days sober, I found her taking selfies with my phone. It was a day of laughter and joy.  I got to meet our daughter again. She is beautiful and I am so proud of her. This journey isn’t over. She still has tough battles ahead, but she can’t do it alone. She needs our strength and she needs us to stand united. There is only ONE option…recovery.

When Battlefield Addiction says “We Got You”, they mean it.

They were there for every step and continue to be there to coach us as we learn to live in the moment and reconnect our daughter to the life she deserves.

-Melissa, Mom of an Addict, committed to the solution

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