Private Consultation

The BEST and most effective way we can help a family is through a PRIVATE CONSULTATION which includes ongoing support and coaching. We don’t believe in waiting for our addicts to hit “rock bottom”. Heroin and meth IS rock bottom. There ARE things you can do and you must. We won’t give up on your loved one and we’re here to help you “power-up” so you have the education and strength to never give up either.

Why is a consultation needed before we can help you?  Each and every case is different and we must know the entire playing field in order to create a game plan and work intimately with a family. The initial consultation allows us to get to know you personally to see exactly how we can help your family best, and work effectively with you throughout this journey.

  • Private Consultation fee is: $150
  • In addition, we ask all of the families we work with become a $50 Monthly Partner. We need your support as an organization in order to continue offering our time, ongoing support and coaching for your family for months to come. This is never an overnight “fix”…it’s a process and we are here for the entire journey with you.

Consultations are done in-person in Des Moines, WA or via Zoom for those long distance.

How to book a consultation?  Call Angie 253-334-2233 OR email to schedule.

How to sign up as a monthly partner:
1. Click the drop-down menu next to the SUBSCRIBE button on this page.

2. Choose $50 or more.
3. Click SUBSCRIBE and sign up.

Still not sure how we can really help you? 

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Consultations available via ZOOM too:


Are you out of state or too far away to come to us for a Consultation? That’s ok! Consultations available via Zoom.