Rock vs. Sandpaper (Solution group 8.25.16)


“If you think the lesson here is that your kid needs to be fixed and then everything will be alright…then you haven’t learned anything yet. If you think this is about your addict needing to change, then you are further behind than you think. That is a very cocky and arrogant position to sit in.”Art Dahlen





Screenshot 2016-08-26 19.19.11What has your loved ones addiction taught you? 

  • What if we told you the lesson is YOURS? Yes, until YOU learn the lesson that is to be learned, and begin to grow and learn, nothing will change with your addict. You must be the ROCK. They are the sand paper. They are here to smooth you out.  IF you embrace the lesson that is!
  • Can you imagine feeling gratitude for addiction, no matter where your loved one is in their addiction? We teach families how to do that!

Join us on for  Solution Group Thursdays to learn HOW to have gratitude for addiction and about the importance of being the ROCK and not the sand paper.