Solution Groups

12823280_1711293309108255_2694762622023884312_oOur Family First solution groups are POWERFUL! They are not your typical “support group”. We don’t sit around and talk about the problem. In fact, you won’t see crying very often in these groups. We have a topic each week and process as a group how that relates to them. We find that our families leave solution group empowered in many areas of their lives, not just where it relates to addiction.

We move families quickly towards the solution and the action that needs to be taken. We power-up family members and believe that working through THEM is the best way to help their loved one. Our focus at Battlefield is always the next right move.


We now have solution groups in TWO locations:

  • Every  Tuesday…4pm and 7pm – Battlefield Building- 33438 First Way S, Federal Way, WA
  • 1st and 3rd Thursday 7pm- The Living Room- 1636 4th St Marysville, WA

Suggested donation: $5 if you are able. We appreciate the support so we can continue doing what we do.

You can read an example of our topics here: Solution group topics

For location details see our public FB page under “events”

The Family’s Battle private FB group-  Join here

Our private group is a community of loved ones who share in this battle. Once you click join, be sure to send the admin (Angie) a private message as all join requests are screened to avoid the lookie lous. It is also not a group for the addicts, just loved ones. So we go through all the requests before we accept.

Have you ever seen so many people squished in a room talking about addiction and smiling/laughing?

That’s how we do it here…12472643_1719250854979167_7646687426809373270_n